before i have to move from Jakarta

everyone is looking for the best and try to be the best. but without love, all that was just sheer ambition.
* jee-jessh

08 March 2010

i'm sure for that one, boy!

i know i was wrong.
stupid mistake when i wanted you you and just only you in my life.
i was so blind that i've had so many people around me. they love me.
and you, hey boy whom i thought a person who has loved me too deep, in fact never felt it. never even just for once.
once in a lifetime i met someone like you. made me fall for you. daydreamed just to be with you.
stupidity, it called obsession! and the worst ; that was me! :(
and now when i'm surely leaving you, careless on you, never wanna hear about you, you brought me trough your world (again). i am still loving you (indeed). but sorry hey boy, i don't wanna fall for twice. it hurt me so much if it happens (again).
save your egoism and confident and standing your life with them, then you are broken with them.
if you think you're handsome, you're right boy! if you think you're smart, you're so right! but if you think you are loveable, i pity you too much! :D
i'm just walking in my perfect world right now, without you, without shadow of our past, and without every memories we've ever done.
i'm so happy now. feel free like a bird. i'm flying over the rainbow :))
am i saying too much? yes! just wanna show you how much i'm happy NOW!


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