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everyone is looking for the best and try to be the best. but without love, all that was just sheer ambition.
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22 February 2010

super extreme things!

beginning of the story;
Saturday night when I went with my friends for dinner together, we both ride motorcycles and certainly not me who drove his bike. so I play only as a passenger. days not too late but it was dark because of clouds. when we were on the way to my house, my friend riding very slowly. but from the direction of our left, there is a motor that headed towards us at high speed. we almost get hit hard, but we were lucky because we survived.

I was really weak at that time, my heart seemed to stop a split second. but I'm still grateful that I survived.

then the next day. when I'm on my way to Citos with my cousins, I went through that again. but the difference this time I was in the car. hot day, and the streets well. again, in the middle of the street, suddenly there was a car to veer toward the main road, with high speed and took half the road to turn, a result almost get hit by a car. only a few millimeters longer and we might be dead. as fast and furious, my cousin swerved to the right quickly. We were saved again:)

and what can I share from this post is how God truly loved me and you. even in any condition, he always keep and protect us.

God bless you always:)

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