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everyone is looking for the best and try to be the best. but without love, all that was just sheer ambition.
* jee-jessh

18 January 2010

lovely means us :)

Whoaa. give me times to share so many things around me. Many conditions even it's sadness or happiness or sometimes dissapointed too much,shy,cry,and ☺. all in one! What is it? My life! :)
I was so dissapointed when robert told kahar about my food's menu, sorry I mean my freak food's menu :(
But actually I was so proud and happy. Thank you robert, thank you for that care thing :)
I was so sad when my friends didn't allowed me to eat with chili even just for little bit :(
And once again actually I was happy. They were care about me :)
So much thank you for that one ;)
I was happy when I was at school in saturday morning, studied physics, then ran away with robert and lost my ind lesson, then continued with math :p
Was so happy to when I spent my times with paskibra's members, had some practising time, yeaa even my stomach felt so bad bad bad! :(
and happy when I saw my seniors there, they were funny and friendly ;)

Continued through the next day after,
I studied in my mom's room, wanted a hug because I felt so cold that time :S
I did my math's stuffs until around 6pm and felt so boring then I went to the church with jenny and had some dinner with her too :)
Then when I felt so so so boring, kk n ce" came to my house and had some chitchats together.
We laughed, smiled, gossiped time with my mom *about me,of course :(*
Then my secrets were opened by my mom. Whoaa. I shied so much mom :((
And when they requested me to play classic's piano, I played full fur elis for them, after that they wanted me to sing, then I sang harmony's song for them [I sang it real for you :)].
Happy happy. I was loving that day so much :)
And the last but not least,ko" woke me up this morning to study my math again.
Thank you so much ko :)

*yeaa, even I couldn't do that test, at least I tried and studied to get my best.

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