before i have to move from Jakarta

everyone is looking for the best and try to be the best. but without love, all that was just sheer ambition.
* jee-jessh

13 January 2010

i'm back

finally, after long days left from this blogger site, now i'm back :)

adams told me last night, 'i miss your sotry, miss jessica..' :D
and now i'm back to share all my stories here again, dude :))

January, 9th 2010

i went to the church and sang so many songs there.i felt like "hoaaa, finally i met my GOD again that day.." yea i didn't know why, but i felt like i was far far away from HIM. too far i thought. so when i went back to HIS house, then i felt so calm and warm :)

January, 10th 2010

felt so-so this day. felt too bad. just imagine how tired i was with long long day at school and guess what lessons i had that day: MATH, PHYSICS, and CHEMISTRY in one day. what a perfect schedule! my head was so full to accept all materials there. too much lazy to wake :(

January, 11th 2010

nothing special this day. mm, especially for my own menu. special menu. *nasii blenyek*
huuh. please, i couldn't live like that. illness and what kinda food were they? hate it too much. but i was happy, i drank 2 bottles of chocolate's milk at midnite :p

January, 12 th 2010

tomorrow, can't wait for tomorrow. i felt so mellow in the night. i opened my own diary about me and a, and i got surprises there. when i read i ever wrote "I am still no boring to get our love back". nice. i forgot when did i wrote that one? ahahaha. i'm still loving. i'm a stupid lover ever :S

January, 13th 2010

"today is my moment. and now i sing story, i laugh, and i cry, and i sing.."
i helped shasha to make so many stars for hengky, her boyfriend. and i was not too creative to make em, so yeaaaa the results were so-so :)
a said to me, he wanted me to make thousand stars for him.. and i thought i'll try to make em for him <3

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