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everyone is looking for the best and try to be the best. but without love, all that was just sheer ambition.
* jee-jessh

02 January 2010

i <3 it !

whoaaa! guess what it's 2010 ! it's time to wake up and start all things from the beginning. forget and study for all past things then make it better now ! :)

i love this year, i mean my new year's eve till new year's day. why why? because i spent it with my closest friends. i love them all much x)

31st dec 2009;

i went to the church at 7pm with vito. 8pm, kak irvan and cici vilca picked me up to pippy waldy's home. when we arrived there, there're already pippy waldy (of course), mimmy fiona, cynthia, vani and kak vina. they've been waited for us since 5pm. hehe :D [so sorry about it!]

then we sat down together made a circle row (wanna be) in pippy's living room with his dining (cirlce) table. we started our BBQ things ! x)

it was so nice when we had a chit-chat about all things, and made it SERUU! hahaha :DD

i was being a nice consumer and they were chefs. ehehehhe :))

after ate, we played seven clover games with double card. nice things too. and we waited together for new year. few minutes more and NEW YEAR ! :)

we went outside and saw pippy's neighbour played fireworks. nice fireworks! we were too happy. we loved that gathering so much. :D

then we went inside again and continued our seven clover. but, a player which got loose on that game must drank one loki of sari temulawak. hihi. we have one guest : kak vina.. but she was too clever and never got loose :(

next game was UNO STACKO. aahhhaha. we were crazy with this kinda game. super game. make us dagdigdug serrrr ! :D

we stopped our activities at 5.30 am. it was time to sleep. haha. then we slept together in pippy's room. we woke up at 11.30am. 6 hours for slept. nice!

it was so cool. i <3>


i got a new year's gift from pippy-mimmy.. thanks a lot pippy-mimmy,, i love you both-a lot :)


  1. tidak terima kasihh. ahaha. ntar kebongkar dong aku dibikin mewek sama kinta :p