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everyone is looking for the best and try to be the best. but without love, all that was just sheer ambition.
* jee-jessh

19 January 2010

doing tryOUCH! :(

now i'm on doing my tryOUCH! for the first time in my life, i feel so stupid for being sains class's student :((

nightmare started from monday, when i had to finish my mathematic and indonesian language. for ind language, i didn't care because believe or not when i did it i got asleep on my table :p
but when i saw my math, oh no, i couldn't do anything. from 40 questions, i was sure for 5 numbers only =S

and this morning i did my chemistry and english lessos. not too bad cause i was calm when i answered all the questions there. i think it would be better than math *hopefully* :))

and yeaaaa i'm still blogging though tomorrow will be physics and biology. i'm lazy to study. when i was studying, i felt i was studying for nothing, cause my teacher told me and friends that he will proud of us if only we can get 40. what? so the target is just 40? yea you can guess what kinda questions will be.

hopeless and do my best. that's all.

now i'm thinking about all statements which were told by pak julius as religion's teacher. "it's better if you are being loved than you are too much loving.."
and when he said "all you need in your relationship is a word called TRUST,if you do not trust in your love, better to leave all away" :((

hurt to hear that. but he was right. i was being loved by so many people around, and i have to love them all too. but i know i'm wrong cause i'm too much concentrate and having obsessions to get my love back. even useless i know. and everyone was right, i have to move on and see my future there. i can get my best one someday.. :)

for another information, my bbm is off for a while till i finish my test :D

*dear YOU, i miss you already. HAHAHAHAHA :DD

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