before i have to move from Jakarta

everyone is looking for the best and try to be the best. but without love, all that was just sheer ambition.
* jee-jessh

20 December 2009

what the hell of this one ?

benci! banget! ahh! kesel abis! i don't understand about sentences which i read one hour ago. for many times i've told i don't care, but actually I'm too much care with that! sebel banget!
trash! my ex boy friend, as he told he REALLY REALLY LOVES ME, bahkan sampe hampir suicide segala then now already has someone SPECIAL! trash lo! :(
don't think i'm such a jelousy. no i am not! but i shocked with all this. kapan sih gue dapet cowo yang ga brengsek. damn it! ga ada kali ya normally boy in this life for me?!

uh! yeaa, come back to the word GROW, but with what can i grow up if there's too many problems here? GOD, YOU loves me, i know it, but sometimes i can't even understand what you did in to my life for sure.. kecewa banget baca nya. :(
makan deh tuh cinta lo. hahaha. inget, man.. karma berjalan. so, becareful :)

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