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everyone is looking for the best and try to be the best. but without love, all that was just sheer ambition.
* jee-jessh

25 December 2009


* xmas eve

what a wonderful day. i spent my xmas eve with my family and my choir. and with some chat with pals. so it wasn't a boring day (like ussual). hihi. for the first time on my xmas eve, i was free from job and work! uaa. thanks GOD. you know what i loved to do :)
started from celebrated my dad's bday. then had some chats with kak onad, adams, and beii. after that prepared for singing in a church. choir time!
i loved when i played that triangle [o-sanctissima], and kinda bells [merry xmas]. loved too when i sang "who is the baby and angels, we have heard on high". i really felt the spirit of xmas. (:

* xmas day

almost midnite, and my family still woke up. fresh a lot :D
what did we wanna do? yeaaa! cut dad's bday cake. haha. surprised for you,daddy :)
then we found out our xmas's presents beside our *little* xmas's tree. ahahha.
i got many kind of clothes and one sandals. love them much. :)

but, there was something i lost. my xmas was not complete.

i wanna see my best friend's smile. but i still can't see it.

GOD, all i want on this xmas are all i get, and my best friend's sweet smile.

thank you :)

**HAPPY BDAY, sweet JESUS ! i LOVE you :)

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