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everyone is looking for the best and try to be the best. but without love, all that was just sheer ambition.
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21 December 2009

Gala dinner 20.12.2009 :)

it was a busy day ..

started from 6 am that i already woke up. mata merah, bengepbengep, nguap nguap. mukanya uda jelek banget deh :(
then my sister shouted for many times "JESSSIII!! MANDIII CEPETANN !".. uahh. i was too lazy to do anything. just wanna sleep. still asleep. ><
finally i took a bath for only 5 minutes. haha. jorok abiss. but it's okay lah, i was still in a good smell kok. *wangiii*

trus tacuu ke bintaro deh buat misa. for the stupid morning, i wore black sexy dress, and forgot that i would go to the church, not to the wedding ceremony. tapi tetep pede jayaa! over confident :))
gapapa lah, there's nobody care on it. hehe. i didn't too much care too.

basi banget sih sebenernya nulis blog ini. soalnya blom upload foto. ga asiik. not complete :(

trus sore nya, i went to yayi resto with kkn choir. we had a gala dinner there. super dinner i called. hihi. seruuuu banget deh. kenyang total. but still asleep. turunan buffalo kali nih. hehe :D

enough for share this day ah. bosen. gotcha!

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