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everyone is looking for the best and try to be the best. but without love, all that was just sheer ambition.
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27 December 2009

bad things featuring GENGSI !

when you have just arrived
why do you wanna go away too fast?

when you are just being a lady

why do you waste your time just to be a mommy?


i'm gonna share my opinion about wrong side of teenagers life
why do teenagers bec
ome suckers ?

these are all started from :

being seventeen !

when you've just seventeen, you thought your life is yours. just yours. even your parents maybe must not disturb your business. you walked like a rich woman. and never try to wake up; heyy, your money is you parents money. not yours. but yeaa,there's no one care about it. you just act like you are now in adult's life. rich life.

then you meet your best friends
you've gone from home and found your own happiness
but you're wrong, you've gone to hell


you stay away from home every night, when your parents just already getting sleep. you go away with your sexy dress, act like a super model. with all beauty stuffs in your body. make you look like princess.

but you've tried these things there :




and you were just still act like good girl in your way. never thought about your own future. what will you be if you are live with all those things? no you never care about it. you're just wanna happy. that's all.

then for you girls, have you ever thought what will you get after those?

you lost your virginity

and oh my God, are you ready for this one?

have you ever imagined if you become a mommy when you are just seventeen?

so, come on grow up. there are so many positive activities which can make you feel you are accepted. your talents, your minds, all of yours. you can make your best life. because ;

your life is your choices !

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