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everyone is looking for the best and try to be the best. but without love, all that was just sheer ambition.
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24 October 2009

Gotta Leave Gotta Go [tired]

Couldn’t have given you more.
I tried to love you like you loved me.
Maybe for wrong reasons....maybe.
At first it was beautiful.
Every girl has a fairytale.
But then you wake up and see
it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.
It turned into screaming days and solo nights.
Just wasn’t right (yeah...)
I didn’t really wanna see you,
was happy when you were leaving yeah...
I liked how it felt when I was by myself.
And that’s the way I wanna be,
So please, don’t beg and plead,
Just let it be.
Just let it be...


I gotta go. I gotta leave.
So please don’t make it hard for me.
I’ve gave enough, I’m tired of love,
I gotta let it go... [2x]

Couldn’t have given you more,
Gave you everything.
There wasn’t anything that you were denied (yeah).
But you should never give it all...
‘cause sometimes there’s nothing left
but bitterness and regret,
and it just ain’t worth it.

‘Cause then there’s the sudden change
Out of nowhere, it seems.
Never know I could be so mean,
But that’s just how far you pushed me (yeah).

You say it just isn’t fair
and you didn’t know.
You need to take responsibility for your own,
‘cause you’re grown.
And you known (yeah)

Now I take the blame
for trying to stay and work it out.
Shoulda left before it got complicated,
Shoulda left when there was still some happiness.

Yes I take the blame
for having faith in the relationship.
I thought it made me complete,
but the truth is,
I’m complete without it.

'have you ever thought how hurted I am ?'
Jessica Kencana

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